This delicate, unrefined salt has a lovely flavour that’s just as impressive as its pink colour. Use sparingly to season dishes to perfection.


The exotically coloured Himalayan salt was formed in the primal seas over 250 million years ago and is harvested from the ancient sea beds in the Himalayan foothills near Pakistan. This rare and precious salt is believed by chefs to be the purest form available due to its extraction from mines by hand, and without the use of any mechanical techniques or explosives. The salt is then hand crushed and hand washed before being left to dry naturally in the sweltering sun.


Getting your seasoning spot-on is such an important part of cooking, and this genius grinder will help you take your dishes to the next level. Use this handy little mill to add real flavour to your food while you’re cooking, or have it on the dinner table to add a winning finishing touch.


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