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About Us

We Are a


Company, Specialising in Food and Drink Products

Trafalgar foods currently operate in countries and offer a professional service to both suppliers and customers who are seeking to expand their respective export or import trade. Our aim is to source quality products in one market and sell them to another. our services are designed to build you a stronger and more innovative business.

We work with major producers from the UK, the producers we have chosen have a strong presence in their home market and are looking to partner with Trafalgar group to grow their export sales on an exclusive basis.

About Trafalgar Foods

What We Do

We in turn look to forge strong relationships with distributors in various countries who have a good knowledge of the type of products we have to offer in order to achieve maximum sales growth. We build strong relationships with the brands that we work with to supply products and endeavour to secure the best deals to provide the most cost-effective service to our customers.

At Trafalgar Foods, we have a dedicated team of experienced people to ensure our customers and clients receive the best possible service, whilst priding ourselves on our comprehensive product ranges and delivery accuracy.

Our Brands

At Trafalgar Foods, we are proud to sell products from well-established British brands, here are just a few of the brands that we work with:


Contact Us

We have a dedicated team of experienced people to ensure you receive the best possible service. We continuously strive to deliver our best, if you would like more information please get in touch with Trafalgar foods today! Call us today on 020 8447 5588 or send us an email at