At Trafalgar Foods, our aim is to source quality products in one market and sell them to another. At Trafalgar Foods, we look to forge strong relationships with distributors in various countries who have a good knowledge of the type of products.

One of the suppliers we work with is Fiddes Payne currently in partnership with Jamie Oliver.

Fiddes Payne was established in 1993, they have a range of herbs and spices which they can supply to healthy food, independent and delicatessen traders. Fiddes Payne is a creative and nimble food business, who works with the best producers and manufactures to create tasty, nutritious and convenient foods that everyone can enjoy.

Fiddes Payne and Jamie Oliver have been in partnership for several years now, today they are still creating and producing tasty, nutritious and convenient food products.

The range of grind mills they provide can transform even the most ordinary meal into something special. The unique blend of spices and herbs created for each mill creates a flavour bomb for meat and fish.

Getting your seasoning spot-on is such an important part of cooking, with the Fiddes Payne – Jamie Oliver range of grinders will help you take your dishes to the next level.

They are perfect to add real flavour to your food while you’re cooking, alternatively, you can keep it on your dinner table to add the finishing touches to everything you cook.

At Trafalgar foods, we work with major producers from the UK, the producers we have chosen have a strong presence in their home market and are looking to partner with Trafalgar group to grow their export sales on an exclusive basis.


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