Kabuto Noodles

At Trafalgar Foods, we look to forge strong relationships with local distributors who have a good range of products we can supply to our customers. We aim to build stronger and more innovative business opportunities for the companies we partner with. One of the current suppliers we work with is Kabuto Noodles.

Kabuto Noodles are for the eater with big dreams, a bit of a rebellious streak, or a fondness for really well-made noodles that happen to be ready almost instantly. Everything done at Kabuto Noodles is rooted in bringing a fresh take to the table, one noodle at a time; it might be a small drop in the pot but, that’s the perfect place to start.

What matters just as much as making excellent dishes is creating honest relationships with their customers; building a team of great staff and helping them grow; and giving something back. Kabuto Noodles believe that how they do one thing is how they do everything, so they might as well do everything really, really well.

It turns out that Kabuto noodles have all the good bits of instant noodles but none of the bad. Kabuto Noodles believe that quick and convenient meals don’t have to be flavourless, so they’ve created restaurant flavours that are ready to eat in only four minutes

Kabuto Noodles produce delicious Asian-inspired instant noodles and noodle kits made with real and natural ingredients. There’s absolutely nothing artificial, no additives, no preservatives and no flavour enhancers, the Asian-inspired recipes are made with high-quality authentic Asian ingredients and are handcrafted in the UK.


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