Thistly Cross Cider

At Trafalgar Foods, we look to forge strong relationships with distributors in various countries who have a good knowledge of the type of products. We are currently working with Thistly Cross Cider to supply and distribute their quality Cider in varying flavours.

Thistly Cross Cider is Scotland’s leading cider producer, situated in the beautiful East Lothian coast in one of the sunniest areas of Scotland, they are focused on producing fantastic tasting ciders. Founded in 2008 by Peter Stuart, a wild-haired and budding cider maker, who was born only 27 miles from where Thistly Cross Cider is made today.

The first cider from Thistly Cross Cider was released in 2009. Since creating the 6.2% Original Cider, Thistly Cross’s small and passionate team has developed a unique range of award-winning Core Apple and Real Fruit ciders, built on the base cider made with locally crowdsourced apples and hand-pressed on site.

Thistly Cross is a collaboration between a farmer and an artist, produced on the East Coast of Scotland. Their ciders are handcrafted in small batches using real fruit, slow-fermented and long matured. Their ciders are the perfect marriage between Scottish methods and Scotland’s favorite craft cider. By using Glen Moray Distillery casks giving the cider its warming notes of oak, vanilla and honey.

Real fruit, hand methods, plenty of maturation time and a few happy accidents create the unmistakeably delicious flavour of Thistly Cross Cider. To this day, Thistly Cross remains at the forefront of the craft cider movement and they aim to continually strive and ensure each cider is as Deliciously Thistly as the next!


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