At Trafalgar Foods, we look to forge strong relationships with distributors in various countries who have a good knowledge of the type of products. We are currently working with Brother’s Cider to supply and distribute their quality Cider in many flavours.

For fourteen generations the Brother’s Cider family has strived to make light and refreshing ciders whilst also using a variety of fruit. The family has been creating cider of many different flavours since 1658. In 1842 the Brother’s cider family opened their first pub in Shepton Mallet in Somerset.

Since then they have continuously explored the world of cider with new recipes and flavours. At the heart of the cider creations, you will find a story of dedication, innovation and brotherhood. Just like their history, the flavours of the cider are well worth discovering, from marshmallow to toffee apple to wild fruits and cloudy lemonade.

With an average of 4% ABV (alcohol by volume), each can or bottle of cider is recommended to be stored at an ambient temperature, then to be served chilled and over ice. The cider is gluten-free and the Somerset-based company assures suppliers that the cider is made using natural carbonation and also contains no artificial sweeteners or fats.

With bold and unhinging flavours it is clear to see how Brother’s cider has become a popular choice in a multitude of supermarkets and is stocked within our range at Trafalgar Foods.

We build strong relationships with the brands that we work with to supply products and to secure the best deals to provide the most cost-effective service to our customers.


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