Ilkley Brewery Co.

At Trafalgar Foods, our aim is to source quality products in one market and sell them to another, the services we provide are designed to build you a stronger and more innovative business. One of the suppliers we currently partner with is Ilkley Brewery Co.

Ilkley Brewery Co. is powered by beer, because beer matters. The team is powered by History and traditional English brewing techniques combined with inspiration from across the world. Ilkley Brewery Co. is unrivalled quality from the heart of Yorkshire since 2009.

The Original Ilkley Brewery brewed its last pint in 1920, but passionate locals brought back brewing to the Yorkshire town around 10 years ago. The Ilkley Brewery Team, led by Luke Raven has grown The Ilkley Brewery Co. into a regional and national brand, at a time when Yorkshire breweries now outnumber London breweries.

Powered by Malt, Ilkley Brewery Co. has Brewer’s Eye for detail ensures quality and consistency, only the finest ingredients are sourced for the drinker’s pleasure.

Powered by Hops, Ilkley Brewery Co. is constantly driven by innovation and development, they brew beers to suit every palate, enlivening the beer choice and pushing boundaries.

Powered by People, Ilkley Brewery Co. is in it together, the team has bold ideas. Each of the team members has a voice and they love what they do.

Ilkley Brewery Co. turns out some stunning beers and they are simply one of the most exciting breweries in Britain at the moment. The philosophy is to brew world-class beers distinctive in style, flavour and character and they passionate about beer, REALLY passionate!


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