Fuller’s Brewery

At Trafalgar Foods, we look to forge strong relationships with local distributors who have a good range of products we can supply to our customers. Our services are designed to build a stronger and more innovative business for the companies we partner with. One of the current suppliers we work with is Fuller’s Brewery.

The Fuller’s story is one that has been brewing for some time, in 1845 it was then that the partnership between three families was officiated, marking the start of something very special for London’s pub and beer scene. Since that date, the Brewing business has gone from strength to strength, whilst the brewery flourished the company continued to purchase and run a very successful pub business.

Fuller’s Chiswick bitter arrived on the scene in 1930, into the 1950s London pride took centre stage. Awards started flowing freely as the beer and Fuller’s became the first brewery to win the CAMRA Champion Beer of Britain award with three separate brews. Ales are still at the heart of the brewery today, although it is now owned and operated by Asahi Europe. Using the finest hops and malt from around the world, Fuller’s have created a diverse and ever-evolving portfolio of bottled beers, cask ales and kegs.

Fuller’s beers are renowned the world over, synonymous with London and brewed by the river that flows through its heart. Quality and long-term planning have guided six generations of family decision-making, allowing Fuller’s to produce some of the nation’s most iconic and award-winning beers in London Pride to have stood the test of time.


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