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At Trafalgar Foods, our aim is to source quality products in one market and sell them to another, we aim to help you build a stronger and more innovative business. One of the suppliers we currently partner with is Dunadd, a whiskey distillery based in Scotland.

Nestled in the valley’s of Argyll in Scotland, stood the hillfort of Dunadd, it was here that Scotland’s heritage and the nation were born. Their slogan is “Truly Scottish by birth, Whisky like no other”, this is inherent to their distillery business and is showcased in all the whisky they produce.

The production of Dunadd’s blended Scottish whisky takes place in the central part of Scotland, which dates back to the early medieval period of the Gaelic Kingdom.

Dunadd Blended Scottish Whisky is as Scottish as its namesake, distilled and created from a blend of the finest, matured Scottish whiskies in the Highlands and Lowlands of Scotland. Dunadd’s whiskies all have surpassed smoothness and character that is uniquely its own, customers have reviewed it as a whisky to be savoured and enjoyed.

Supplier and creator or the traditionally blended Scottish whiskies, the whisky has strength and character like no other. The tasting notes are smooth and fragrant with hints of fruity green apples and sweet toffee. Their whisky is full-bodied with a warm finish, which can be enjoyed anywhere and everywhere.

Working with leading brands allows us at Trafalgar Foods to supply shelf-ready products to clients nationally and internationally, ensuring an efficient, timely and cost-effective service at every stage of the process.

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