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ROKiT Fuel

At Trafalgar Foods, our aim is to source quality products in one market and sell them to another. We look to forge strong relationships with distributors in various countries who have a good knowledge of the type of products.

One of the suppliers we work with is natural energy drink maker ROKiT Fuel.

ROKiT Fuel is not just another energy drink it is a 100% natural energy drink with added botanical ingredients. ROKiT Fuel is a delicious sparkling Lychee & Passion Fruit energy drink. Made with 100% natural ingredients, enjoyed straight from the can or as a mixer, this refreshing energy drink contains zero fat, zero salts and is 42 calories.

ROKiT Fuel Natural Energy Drink was originally created as a product to appeal to those who have never drunk energy drinks before and for those who have out-grown the concept of energy drinks. ROKiT Drinks source and develop some of the finest drinks available, offering high quality and exceptional value, from premium beers, fine distilled spirits to mineral-rich bottled water and 100% Natural energy drinks.

ROKiT is a lifestyle brand with interests in many consumer sectors, they have built up a strong global awareness through both Sport and Entertainment. ROKiT Drinks has a rich history of creating quality brands, with the ability to develop and source exceptional drinks, ranging from ABK Beer, ROKiT Fuel and Bandero Premium tequila.

At Trafalgar foods, we work with major producers from the UK, the producers we have chosen have a strong presence in their home market and are looking to partner with our team to grow their export sales on an exclusive basis.


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