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Nix Kix

Nix Kix

At Trafalgar Foods, our aim is to source quality products in one market and sell them to another and we look to forge strong relationships with unique and UK-based distributors. One of the suppliers we work with is Nix Kix. Nik Kix thinks it’s time for more and better choices when it comes to soft drinks. The team loves being different which is why we are here – they want to bring better taste, better for you and a refreshing new spark of adventure to soft drinks. It surprises most people that a soft drink without added sugar or chemicals can deliver a kick that brings the WOW factor. The multi-award-winning Nix Kix drinks are vegan, naturally low in calories, don’t contain any artificial additives and instead feature a kick from cayenne sourced from Bedfordshire. The team at Nik Kix believes that nature holds all the answers, they are passionate about creating great taste without compromising on health. Which why they don’t take shortcuts or use unnatural substitutes for real flavour, they’ve learned that when you take the time to explore, nature provides all the ingredients you need.

– The Nix Bit: No sweeteners, no caffeine and naturally low in calories
– The Kix Bit: A refreshing blend of fruit and cayenne for a kick-ass day

The unique drinks brand selects the botanicals in their drinks for the taste and health benefits. They have discovered how to give each one of the drinks their refreshing zing, meaning they don’t need to add any sugar or artificial ingredients. The drinks brand is also environmentally aware, which means their drinks only come in glass bottles and aluminium cans. They use cans that are BPA-free, no plastic lining inside.

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