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Fuel 10K

Fuel 10K

At Trafalgar Foods, our aim is to source quality products in one market and sell them to another, we aim to help you build a stronger and more innovative business. We build strong relationships with the brands that we work with to supply products and provide the most cost-effective service to our customers. One of the businesses we partner with is FUEL 10K.

FUEL10K makes morning FUEL for busy people, their breakfast range will always taste great, be packed full of nutritional benefits, and easy to eat, wherever you are and regardless of lifestyle.

People approach Breakfast in different ways, some have time for a bowl of granola at the kitchen table before work, others prefer to swig a breakfast drink on the way from the gym to the office. The FUEL 10K breakfast range has been created to take the hard work out of breakfast and make mornings easy.

FUEL10K believes in continuous improvement, they are proud of their products but they think over time they can always get better and have less impact on the environment. As consumer demand and tastes change, change is important and innovation helps FUEL 10K improve and lessen their impact on the environment and lead on this.

Each of the FUEL10K drinks is high in protein, a good source of fibre, vitamin boosted and has no added sugar. In fact, it only contains the same amount of sugar as semi-skimmed milk, the resealable handy cartons make it easy to FUEL up on the go – wherever and whenever your journey takes you.

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