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Deliciousley Ella

Deliciously Ella

At Trafalgar Foods, our aim is to source quality products in one market and sell them to another and we look to forge strong relationships with unique and UK-based distributors. One of the suppliers we work with is Deliciously Ella.

Deliciously Ella is a plant-based lifestyle platform sharing delicious ways to feel better. It first started as a personal blog, which was evolved into an app, deli, collection of recipe books, series of podcasts, a range of plant-based food products and now a growing social media community that sits at the heart of what the company does.
Deliciously Ella was originally intended to be a personal project, a way to encourage the owners to fall in love with plant-based food and make healthy eating delicious.

From day one Deliciously Ella never wanted to compromise on taste – flavour, abundance and excitement had to sit at the heart of every meal. Initially, Ella only intended to write for herself, but after some persuasion, she shared Deliciously Ella with her friends and family, and the company grew from there, somehow accumulating over 130 million hits within the next few years.

Deliciously Ella now has six #1 bestselling cookbooks; a plant-based food and wellness app; seven lines of food products in 7,000 stores across the UK; a café in central London; and a podcast. Their first product was the energy balls, which were listed in around 6,000 stores across the UK and Ireland, with customers including Waitrose, Starbucks, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Holland and Barrett and lots more.

Deliciously Ella has since launched a line of breakfast cereals, oat bars, caramel cups, chocolate bars, nut butter balls, frozen desserts, and with lots more to come.

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