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Healeys Est 1980

Healeys Est 1980

Healeys Cyder

At Trafalgar Foods, our aim is to source quality products in one market and sell them to another and we look to forge strong relationships with distributors. One of the suppliers we work with is Healeys Cyder, who is based in Cornwall.

Since planting their first trees in 1986 Healeys Cyder has grown to become the largest independent cyder-maker in Cornwall and the first distillery for 300 years. Family owned and Cornish born and bred, from Kay and David Healey turning the key in their first off-license and dreaming of hand-pressing apples, the Healeys are a family that’s long been in love with Cornish cyder. The Farm has risen to Cornish fame, by producing local cider from their own orchard.

With the first commercial orchard in Cornwall, Healeys Cyder are head over heels for apples and what they can do with them, from the first blossom to the final flavour, they have produced seven different varieties, which are an essential part of the Healeys taste.

From September to early December, 2,000 tonnes of apples make their way through the press house. They’re washed, mashed and pressed to extract delicious juice, which is then piped over to the production halls to start the fermentation process. With tanks full of fresh Cornish apple juice, 21 degrees is the ideal temperature for the yeast to work its magic turning sugar into alcohol.

Whether it’s signature cider bottles, large scrumpy flagons, ornate country wine bottles, or anything in between, they have a new, fully automated line that can handle it all – including the packaging of both crown and screw caps.

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