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Redemption Brewing Co London

Redemption Brewing Co London

Redemption Brewing Co.

At Trafalgar Foods, we look to forge strong relationships with local distributors who have a good range of products we can supply to our customers. One of the current suppliers we work with is Redemption Brewing Co.

Redemption Brewing Co. is one of the founders of London’s craft beer movement, North London’s oldest microbrewery and Tottenham’s first brewery for 100 years. Established in 2010, the team is passionate about creating hand-crafted beers which consistently deliver big flavours. Redemption has a core range of eight cask ales and keg beers available throughout the year and also brews a new beer for every season which is available for a limited time and special collaborative brews expand the range even further. Above all, “drinkability” remains the consistent theme that runs throughout their ales.

Redemption Brewing Co. uses the finest raw materials to brew modern beers brimming with character, taste and integrity; with a contemporary outlook on brewing, using subtle twists on traditional recipes and age-old production methods is reflected across a core range of seven cask beers. All ingredients used in the beers are sourced from the very best suppliers in England, the final ingredient is fresh yeast and the traditional house strain helps to generate the individual range of flavour notes during fermentation which contributes so much to the character of each ale.

Redemption strives to be as environmentally aware and sustainable as possible; the brewery’s spent grain and hops are donated to local allotments to be used as compost and horse feed. Redemption Brewing Co. has a strict policy of using green renewable energy helps to fight climate change; it costs a little more but makes the company feel good.

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