Route 66


This classic American beer traces its recipe back to the era of bold, full flavoured beer that dominated the heartland of the US in the mid-20th Century. It is a tribute to the brewing tradition of this classic era.

This beer is a highly sessionable IPA lager blend with a broader malt flavour, including a subtle sweetness, thanks to a unique blend of American malts, including caramel malts.

It delivers a bolder, more complex bitterness than most mass brewed American beers, thanks to premium hops from the Pacific North West, particularly cascade hops.

Hopping is nearly double that of American mainstream lagers, as indicated by the high IBU level. This pleasing bitterness has a slight herbal character.

Route 66

Route 66 

This great road and great beer are about a state of mind.

It’s part of what makes America great.

Let’s keep it that way. Let’s celebrate.

Taste America now.

PACKAGE:330 ML, bottles, 6 bottles per case;