Pink Elephant

In 2006 two experienced wine trade professionals set out to create the definitive wine match for spicy foods.

In their opinion never before had this been successfully achieved and a wine been so carefully crafted with the help of 12 expert wine tasters, all specialists in their own field/

The result was the birth of Pink Elephant a very special wine that has been acclaimed as one of the very best examples of a specific food wine, with intense fruity aromas, mouth watering juiciness, crisp fresh flavours and aromas of strawberry and raspberry fruit.


Sparkling Rose



Colour: Vibrant Pink.

Aromas: An elegant bouquet with hints of strawberry and forest fruits.

Palate: Soft fine bubbles and herby notes are combined with strawberry fruit to give a balanced refreshing fruit driven finish.

Ageing potential: The wine is at its best whilst youthful and fresh.

Winemaking: The wine is a special high quality cuvee from one of France’s leading sparkling wine producers. The fermentation is temperature controlled and takes place slowly in the winery cellars (Charmat Method). The process uses yeasts that have been specially selected for their ability to develop and enhance the subtle flavours of the Grenache and Cabernet Franc grapes.

The wine is handled carefully throughout the process with pumping, transferring, and treatment kept to a minimum in order to keep and protect the delicate and fruity aromas of the finished wine.

Food match: Ideal as a cocktail or aperitif, perfect with summer salads and fruit desserts.

Wine analysis: 

Alcohol 12%
Titratable acidity 5.8 – 7 g/litre
pH 3.2
Residual Sugar 22g/litre


Mathias Guidoni, Caves de Wissembourg (CFGV)

Pink Elephant Rosé



Color: Brilliant Pink.

Aroma: Fresh and intense with a full fruity aroma of strawberries and raspberries.

Palate: Crisp fresh flavours with a hint of fruity sweetness, elegant summer fruits are evident supported by mouth watering acidity and a delicate finish.

Ageing potential: This wine has been made to be enjoyed when youthful and fresh.

Winemaking: The fruit for this wine was all grown and harvested from the private estate of the winemaker José Neiva, in the Lisboa region. Pink Elephant is made entirely from the black grapes; these were crushed and after short skin contact the free-run juice was run-off and fermented in stainless steel vats at 16°C (similar to Pink Champagne). This produces a much more aromatic and elegant style than the common ‘cap-and-drain’ (Saignée) method of producing rosé wines. After stabilization and filtration Pink Elephant is kept protected under a blanket of inert gas to retain freshness then bottled against order.

Food match: Ideal with spicy food like Chicken Tikka Masala and other curry dishes but drinks very well on its own when chilled.

Wine analysis:

Alcohol 12%
Titratable acidity 5.36 g/litre
pH 3.42
Residual Sugar 13.7g/litre


José Neiva