Little Mill

"The Little Mill is run by Rob Mosse and his father Bill. We have been making stoneground wholemeal for bakeries in Ireland for many years. As millers, we naturally have a passion for baking, always trying out lots of new, interesting and delicious recipes. To share some of recipes, we have created some baking mixes for quick and simple home baking. We have put together a range of our favourites, blended them into mixes and packed them into little bags ready for you to finish off at home. We hope you enjoy making and eating them!" (c) Little Mill Co

Sponge Cake Mix

Delicious sponge cake, sandwiched with freshly whipped cream, lots of your favourite jam and/or fresh fruit and topped with sieved icing sugar. What more could you want?


Scone mix

Freshly baked scones, sliced in half and covered with lashings of whipped cream and your favourite jam. The best.


Brown Bread mix

This traditional Irish brown soda bread is extra special with your favourite raspberry jam, fresh soup or smoked salmon.


Brownie Mix

These home baked brownies are delicious with whipped cream, vanilla ice-cream or simply as they are.