We’re passionate about gin. It’s this passion that has fuelled our fervent desire to develop a perfectly balanced, elegantly understated English gin for the discerning, sophisticated consumer.

Langley's №8 (ABV 41,7%)

Eight secret botanicals have been scientifically and lovingly hand crafted & distilled to create a smooth, lingering and yet robust flavour profile unique to Langley’s No.8. The split & blend of botanicals, the selection of grain spirit and the alcohol strength were the key components used to perfect for that balance to deliver a classic, timeless Old English style gin.
The Flavours: Langley’s No.8 delivers to the senses spice, aroma and zesty sweetness.
The Strength: The final element for the perfect balance was to get the strength to deliver that anticipated balance whilst still allowing the classic notes of the botanicals to come through. 
The Blend: Creating a smooth gin that consistently delivers on flavour in each and every bottle is a true science.