Brewhaha Tea was launched in 2004.  Tired of seeing tea marketed in dowdy grey and brown boxes, Brewhaha founder Joanne McLeod decided to create a fun loving brand.  With it's retro feel, Brewhaha Tea has won over many hearts worldwide.

Joanne:  I've always loved tea, as a child I would come home from school and a pot of tea and a plate of biscuits would be waiting for us at the table. We would be encouraged to tell each other about our day.

After years of working in advertising, I took a break to start a family. Once my youngest son turned four, I decided to keep on creating and Brewhaha Tea was born.

Brewhaha Tea joined up with a Sri Lankan tea producer in 2004 and we have been buying direct ever since,  keeping our teas fresh, fresh, fresh.

All Day Tea

(50/box) This is a wonderful black tea to be enjoyed any time of the day, try it with you breaky, elevenses, lunch, mid afternoon snack or dinner.


  • 100% Pure Ceylon Black Tea

Berry Tea

(23/box) A lovely fruity mix full of ripe autumn berries


  • Hibiscus
  • Rooibos
  • Spearmint
  • Raspberries
  • Strawberries and Blackberries

Brews the Daddy

(25/box) Black Sri Lankan tea blended to taste like Assam tea. Well this tea came about because you men wanted your own tea, which we took onto the streets of Glasgow to market research, a total winner!


  • 100% Pure Ceylon Black Tea

Caffeine Free All Day Tea

(25/box) A black Sri Lankan tea with the caffeine steamed out. If you are caffeine intolerant this should work for you, also perfect for new mums or as a bedtime drink.


  • 100% Pure Ceylon Black Tea

Chai Tea

( 25/box) Rich, strong and spicy with its blend of black tea, cinnamon, ginger, peppermint, cardamom, pepper and Vanilla, this ia a warm and fortifying brew.



  • 100% Pure Ceylon Black Tea
  • Cinnamon, Ginger
  • Peppermint
  • Cardamom
  • Pepper
  • Vanilla flavour and Chai flavour

Chamomile Tea

(25/box) Renowned as acalming, soothing brew, our Chamomile is stunningly light and refreshing


  • 100% Chamomile

Earl Grey Tea

(25/box) A perfect black Sri Lankan tea for the afternoon, Earl Grey is flavoured naturally with the rind of citrus fruit.A GUILD OF FINE FOODS GOLD MEDAL WINNER 2007


  • 100% Pure Ceylon Black Tea with natural Bergamot

Green Tea

(25/box) Who says Green tea has to come from China. Sri Lanka have excelled with this tea. the difference between black and green tea is that green tea has not been fermented.


  • 100% Green Tea

Peppermint Tea

(25/box) With it's fresh, bright taste, mint is an excellent palate cleanser and helps settle digestion.


  • 100% Peppermint Leaf

Rose Tea

(25/box) What do you get when you put rose petals and black tea together? Turkish Delight in a teacup! wonderful frequent drink, try pouring over ice for a summer ice tea.


  • 100% Pure Ceylon Black Tea
  • Enhanced with natural rose flavours